Find the Fake USB Drive with ValiDrive

Steve Gibson ( has just released a new utility called VALIDRIVE to ID Fake drives. he says it will Quickly spot-check any USB mass storage drive for fraudulent deliberately missing storage.

We all need this utility so many fakes out there.

As always with Steve’s utilities its well thought out and does what it says. As a plus not only doers it validate a USB drive but it tests the drives speed and reliability.

Add this one to your tools.

My first test of a 12 year old imation atom USB drive provided this useful report.

Report #1

  test date and time 12/10/2023  at  11:17 AM
  declared drive size 4,008,706,048 (4.01GB)
  validated drive size 4,008,706,048 (4.01GB)
  highest valid region 4,008,706,048 (4.01GB)
  hub or drive vendor imation
  hub or drive product atom
  serial number 079a0803380b2a96

Performance details

              read            write
  samples         1,152         1,152
  minimum       230,053       598,995
  maximum       873,225     1,061,347
  average       247,890       774,064
  median       241,402       766,097
  std dev        28,021        61,680
  variance         0.113         0.080
  total time   285,569,623   891,721,956
  percent        24.26%        75.74%

time measurements in microseconds


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